About Us

The Libertarian Party of Blanco County is an affiliate of the Libertarian Party of Texas.  Originating on November 24, 2021, this new affiliate is attracting the interest of Blanco citizens who have been denied choices for many years because typically, only Republicans run for elective office in Blanco County.  Therefore after primary or runoff elections, only a single candidate is available for selection at our general elections.  Candidate choices are essential for representative democracy.  Single party rule devolves into autocracy.

Our party promotes fiscal conservatism and individual freedom.  We do not believe government has any legitimate role in matters of religion, speech, associations or lifestyle choices.  Yet we expect our government to function both efficiently and effectively regarding public services such as road construction, safety and emergency response, registrations and records keeping, and most significant for our current political climate, election integrity.  While our legislature worked in 2021 to restrict former election practices available to the electorate, it did nothing to assure strict compliance with election statutes on the part of our election officials. 

Some Blanco citizens have officially affiliated with the Libertarian Party of Blanco County as of January 2022, enabling them to participate in precinct and county meetings and conventions.

If you share our ideals, consider an affiliation with the Libertarian Party of Blanco County today!

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